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August 2020

Trevitt - Mt. Vernon Avenue

First community covering. Dozens of community members lined Mt. Vernon Avenue holding signs with our slogans (i.e., Enough is Enough, Save Our Streets). We waved white flags for two hours, provided food and water to community members, and gave toys to children. Local media covered the event. 

Community members, Columbus Police Department


September 2020

Cleveland Avenue - South Linden

Second community covering. Same as above plus entertainment and testimonies from MOMCC mothers. 

Community members, Columbus Police Department (i.e., Commander of the Columbus Police Department and other officers) 

October 2020

Livingston Avenue - East Columbus

Third community covering. Largest event to date. Mayor Ginther attended and spoke to hundreds of attendees. He promised mothers and communities that we have his support.

Community members, Mayor Andrew Ginther, Commander of Columbus Police Department Zone and officers

October 2020

Sharon Woods

MOMCC Children’s Division hosted the First Annual Trunk or Treat. 15 vehicles participated and served approximately 70 children. 


October 2020


Supported We Are Linden Trunk or Treat 


November 2020


Supported Linden Community Engagement Resource Team with their final walk in South Linden


December 2020

Supported peaceful demonstrations in honor of Casey Goodson Jr. and Andre Hill


January 2021


Supported We Are Linden Martin Luther King, Jr. March


January 2021

Supported Casey Goodson Birthday Celebration and Black Lives Matter Awareness and March 


leadership coordinators 

Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children are dedicated to using PAIN 2 PURPOSE. The foundation of Pain 2 Purpose is Feet 2 the Pavement. Our Leadership Coordinators are dedicated to being proactive crime disrupters. The overall goal of all our Coordinators is to promote growth mindset in individuals who have been or are active in criminal decision making to reduce crime with a result in lives saved. 

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