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Shawna Gibson 

Children's Division (ages -10)


Shawna I. Gibson is the lead for Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children Children’s Division--ages 0-10. She has lost many close friends and classmates to violent crime. As the numbers grew, she could not sit back and watch without getting involved. Not knowing where or how to start, she was thankful for the opportunity to help be and create change in the community by being a part of MOMCC. Strong in her Christian Faith, she, like MOMCC Founder, Malissa, believes that this is the perfect foundation to do God’s work. Shawna believes that we must connect with the youth, provide support, and never cease prayer. Mother to a seven-year-old son, she does not want to have him experience the same degree of loss growing up. Shawna is here to support and serve the youth and mothers. 


My name is Shawna l. Gibson. 

I have lost many close friends and classmates due to violence and after so many I just couldn’t sit back, and knew I had to get involved. I just didn’t know how or where to start. I knew that just sitting back and praying wasn’t enough. I am thankful for the opportunity to join this organization to help be and create the change that our community needs. My passion has always been to serve, serve, serve. I’m strong in my Christian faith along with all of our members  and believe that Malissa has created a perfect foundation for me to bring my ideas and passion to surface and allow me to do GODs work. I know that in order to fix the issue of violence we must connect with our youth, provide support and never stop praying. As I have a 7 year old son that I don’t want to have to grow up losing friends to violence or perhaps it be him so In that alone I’m here to truly serve and support the youth as well as the mothers!

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TyJan Booth 

Teen Division (ages 15-18)


TyJan Booth leads the Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children Teen Division--ages 15-18. She is a product of the Linden community and a graduate of Brookhaven High School. TyJan attended and graduated from Kentucky State University, a Historically Black College and  University. Her purpose is to be a voice for the allies. While she acknowledges that we may not know MOMCC mothers’ plight, but we are here to support. 

TyJan believes this quote, by Bayard Rustin, sums up the need for supporters best, “We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers.” 


My name is TyJan Booth, a proud product of the inner city, specifically Linden community. I graduated from Brookhaven High School, attended and graduated from the HBCU Kentucky State University. My purpose is to be the voice for the allies. We may not know your plight, some like myself, may not be a mother, but we are here to be of support in ALL facets.

"We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers." 

-Bayard Rustin

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Jacqueline Casimire

Adult Division (ages 19 and above)


Jacqueline Casimire is the lead of Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children’s Adult Division--ages 19+. Her son, Ray (Cash) Casimire, was murdered on September 24, 2020. Jacqueline was looking for a way to fight violence prior to Ray’s murder. She is determined to develop a way to get illegal guns off the streets. Jacqueline desires to support other mothers through their journey of loss, grief, and living with the tragic loss of a child through murder. 

Jacqueline says, “We are going to be a voice to be reckoned with. Boots on the ground, suits in the corridors of justice.”



I am the mother of Ray (Cash) Casimire murdered September 24, 2020.  I was looking for a way to fight the violence prior to my son's murder.  I am determined to find a way to get the illegal guns off the streets, and to be a  support to other mothers as well.  We are going to be a voice to be reckoned with.  Boots on the ground, suites in the corridors of justice.

August 2020

Trevitt - Mt. Vernon Avenue

First community covering. Dozens of community members lined Mt. Vernon Avenue holding signs with our slogans (i.e., Enough is Enough, Save Our Streets). We waved white flags for two hours, provided food and water to community members, and gave toys to children. Local media covered the event. 

Community members, Columbus Police Department


September 2020

Cleveland Avenue - South Linden

Second community covering. Same as above plus entertainment and testimonies from MOMCC mothers. 

Community members, Columbus Police Department (i.e., Commander of the Columbus Police Department and other officers) 

October 2020

Livingston Avenue - East Columbus

Third community covering. Largest event to date. Mayor Ginther attended and spoke to hundreds of attendees. He promised mothers and communities that we have his support.

Community members, Mayor Andrew Ginther, Commander of Columbus Police Department Zone and officers

October 2020

Sharon Woods

MOMCC Children’s Division hosted the First Annual Trunk or Treat. 15 vehicles participated and served approximately 70 children. 


October 2020


Supported We Are Linden Trunk or Treat 


November 2020


Supported Linden Community Engagement Resource Team with their final walk in South Linden


December 2020

Supported peaceful demonstrations in honor of Casey Goodson Jr. and Andre Hill


January 2021


Supported We Are Linden Martin Luther King, Jr. March


January 2021

Supported Casey Goodson Birthday Celebration and Black Lives Matter Awareness and March 


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