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At its core, Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children is an army of warriors who have been directly impacted by the murder of a child as a result of crime. Through support from and mobilization of citizens, public officials, grassroots organization leaders, unions, school districts, local businesses, and law enforcement, we will saturate the community with information, education, and awareness to enable a drastic decrease in the spread of the epidemic of violence and crime.  

We are committed to proactive, positive action to promote peace and support mothers who have lost children to violence in Columbus, Ohio.  We support the whole family, their loved ones, and all who care for those gone too soon by murder.  We are a “feet to the pavement” organization that believes that the more visible we are in the community, the more impactful our mission will be.  Our active advocacy is backed by thoughtful demonstrations, community and family engagement events.


#SaveOurStreets #SaveOurCity #SaveOurChildren

#stopkilling #EndGunViolence #ENDviolence



Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children blossomed from faith-based seeds that dictate the values of the organization. We combat violence with the “three P’s”: (1) peace, (2) prayer, and (3) positivity. We are firmly rooted in the belief that together is better. Safe communities build strong citizens. In order to cultivate a culture of safety first in our community there must be a duty of togetherness and unity between law enforcement and citizens that live in the community.   

Our community needs healing. We want to mend broken relationships between citizens and law enforcement. The bridge of trust between can be built and traveled together through consistent community engagement with an emphasis of seeing one another through a lens of peace. 

We are unyielding in the belief that citizens deserve social justice. We are in firm agreement our community and law enforcement need help to navigate the issues that plague our streets. There must be a diligent and deliberate effort to vet incoming and currently employed officers to ensure that each and every officer is fit for duty to uphold the oath they took to protect and serve. Citizens and law enforcement, alike, must be held accountable for the actions that have caused the brokenness. 

We are rooted in belief that action must be consistent, authentic, positive, and diverse. We are planted in the desire to provide programming, events, and community resources that will help the whole family. As a “feet to the pavement organization", we strongly believe that our direct community advocacy and visibility will saturate the community with our mission. We will use our faith to surrender our streets back to God's purpose and restore each household--one community at a time.



Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children does not approve of the following: violence, retaliation in any form (i.e., direct or indirect), illegal acts, criminal behavior, negativity, profane language, drugs, alcohol, gang-related activities, or the appearance, affiliation or involvement of any of the above. 

We are an apolitical organization that will not push personal political preferences on members and the community. However, we will use the power of government, advocacy, and legislation to further our mission through passage of applicable bills and laws that will help slow the spread of the epidemic of violence. 

Our founder, Malissa Thomas-St. Clair is a mother whose child was murdered. She knows the unimaginable pain of losing a child to murder. The last thing each of us needs is negativity or violence bringing us back to a dark space. This organization is built on LIGHT AND LOVE ONLY!


We are growing--fast. We need the full support of the community to bring rest to the streets and peace to our families.

The only solution to slow the spread of violence is to collaborate with the community at-large--to proactively and consistently push our mission out to the community. We need all of you. Please offer ideas, solutions, donations, ideas (e.g., fundraisers, programs) and resources (i.e., community leader names and introductions, attorneys willing to represent families pro bono).

Please invite anyone who is willing to follow our mission and goals. The organization founders reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone who cannot abide by and respect the organization's foundation of the four Ps: 1) peace 2) positivity 3) prayers and 4) protection. 


We are a sisterhood. We are an unfortunate sisterhood that is blessed to have one another to lean on. We have a special awareness ribbon for each of you. We pray to meet each of you one day. We hope we do not continue to grow. We have a bond that only those who have lost a child to murder can truly understand. We look forward to hosting special events virtually and socially-distanced to honor our children on a regular basis.

LEARNING TO LIVE AGAIN, is the foundation of the sisterhood. This mission uses retreats, support services, activities, events, mentorship, healing circles, and our own experiences to  heal each mother through this unimaginable pain and suffering.  We believe a mother who can heal through the tragedy of losing her child or in some cases, children will be the best weapon to fight against the violence affecting our communities.

We lean on one another. We are here to walk each inch of this journey together. We are here to put purpose to our pain. We are here to put forth action in honor of our children's lives. We are here to be the TRUE STREET SOLDIERS OF COLUMBUS, OHIO!

Most importantly, we are here to make sure the members of the community have their salvation in tact.



We wear camouflage pants and white or orange shirts at events that we host. Our tagline is "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". We use the orange awareness ribbon and anything that is synonymous to ending violence in our city. All of these physical assets combined represents being the PEACEFUL STREET SOLDIERS that we are to END VIOLENCE IN OUR CITY.



As mothers in the community who have lost their loved ones to violence in the city, we consider ourselves the sistah soldiers of the streets.  Together, with our supporters, we are the army that will fight the battle needed to slow the spread of this epidemic.  We are at war.  The woman in the logo represents the matriarch, the mother, the sistah soldier. She is wearing her camouflage, gearing up to go to war.  She has her weapons--her Bible and white flag--in her leg holsters.  She adorns her child’s golden wings as the ultimate protection in her mission. The orange awareness ribbon represents ending gun violence.  

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